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Celebrity deaths don’t usually affect me, their lives so far detached and distant and shiny, however, I find I am in grief today for Robin Williams.  Last night with a couple of friends we went around in turn listing the films he was in and how they made us laugh or cry or scared us a little.   And you realized, growing up in the late eighties or nineties how many movies he was in, and how many of us remember him like a family member.  He brought out every viewers’ imagination with his bold and enigmatic personality.  He stretched the limits of acting and put a stake down in comedy and drama and many may try and reach but hardly amount to.

Fearless actor with endless creativity.

Two days later my friend sent a mass text message urging everyone to reach out to someone who is depressed.  Said not to mention Robin Williams.  Said to simply remind them, there is someone who is ready to listen.  I thought it was very sweet.  

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